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Can I get fired after being injured on the job?

Have you or anyone you know ever been terminated after returning to work after of an on the job injury? It’s what you least expect after a lengthy recovery.

There are state and federal laws that cover employees when they’ve been unjustly and illegally terminated based on certain conditions such as forms of discrimination, breach of contract, employer retaliation and disability.

At-Will Employment and Return to Work Policy

Most states abide by some form of the concept of “at-will” employment, meaning that both the employer and worker may end the working agreement at any time for virtually any reason. You, as an at-will employee may be terminated, with or without cause.

It is likely that your company has policies and regulations for injured workers when they return to the job after recovering from an injury. Many companies, perhaps yours, support employees returning from injury by leaving their positions open, placing the injured worker in another position, or making special accommodations for the injured employee.

Any return-to-work policies that are spelled out in a company manual are seen as binding for the employer. Employees who have followed company policies and are fired anyway, usually have legal recourse.

Get expert council for your worker’s compensation case.

It is important that if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, that you call a worker’s compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Josef Avesar who can provide you with guidance throughout your case. Laws regarding illegal termination after an injury can be complex and it is crucial that you act immediately before you lose your opportunity to fight the case. If you are fired after returning from an on-the-job injury and you have filed a workers compensation, you may win and you will be compensated for your losses. Of course, it will depend on the circumstances of your case and claims.

Call us at the Law Offices of Josef Avesar today if you have been fired unjustly after returning to work after an on-the-job injury.