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Construction Accidents

Construction related accident or injury? If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction or work related accident, you may be eligible to receive payments to your person as recompense for your suffering or loss. Call 1-800-WEDOLAW today for your complimentary case assessment or legal consultation.

The Law Offices of Josef Avesar is a licensed, insured and bonded law firm that has been in practice since 1982. With over 3 decades worth of legal expertise and a slew of success storiesconstructions injuries spanning a wide range of clients, Josef Avesar is the obvious choice for your next construction accident, construction loss or personal injury attorney. With our many years of legal expertise, we will utilize aggressive legal practices to make sure that you get the payout or settlement you think you deserve. When you choose Josef Avesar to defend your rights for your next personal construction injury court case, our commitment is to your satisfaction. Don’t put your court case in the hands of amateurs…stick with a professional lawyer by choosing to use Josef Avesar!

Construction Accident Statistics

Before your next courtroom construction injury case, you may want to brush up on some powerful statistics that can be used in your defense.

  • The construction industry is among one of the most dangerous professions an individual can work in, ranked at the #2 most fatal industry for workers under the age of 18.
  • In California alone, approximately 41-60 construction workers die each year from construction accidents.
  • One in ten construction workers will be injured in the workplace each year.
  • The average career-span of a construction worker is 45 years. Over that duration, construction workers maintain a 1 in 200 chance of dying.
  • Over sixty percent of all construction-related accidents, deaths, or injuries occur within the first year of your employment.
  • For 10 years, between the period of 2002 to 2012, construction related fatalities made up for 20% of all workplace related deaths in America.
  • Roofing is one of the most dangerous areas of the construction industry. 39% of all construction accidents are fall related, and usually are due to one or several of the following conditions: collapsed floors, scaffolding injuries, awning collapse, slippery surfaces, unprotected sides or edges, holes in the floors, stairway rail defects, window openings, unsecured decking, & defective or misuses ladders.

Construction Safety Violations

Despite the fact that there are heavy safety regulations in place for construction workers on both a state and federal level, jobs in construction remain some of the most unsafe jobs in the nation.

work place accidents

Construction accidents encompass a number of usual injuries: traumatic brain injury, severe neck injuries, broken limbs, spinal cord injury, exposure to toxic fumes, & facial bruising and disfigurement. If your accident is in relation to your construction site’s failure to uphold any of the in place OSHA safety protocols, you may qualify for recovery.


Some of the most widely abused safety standards for construction sites include:

  • Fall Protection Requirements
  • Violations of the Proper Use of Ladders
  • Failure to Guard Machinery
  • Electrical System Design
  • Failure to Guard Machinery
  • Respiratory Protection on Construction Sites
  • Scaffolding and Awning Safety


If you are the owner or manager of a construction site, as a business owner, your employee’s safety should be your number one priority. Take the necessary steps to protect your crew by following some of these helpful safety tips:

    • Appropriate signage: be sure to include on your construction site all the necessary warning information and make sure to list all of the potential dangers of the environment.
    • Keep your space well lit: nobody can be expected to work in the dark! Make sure to keep your construction site properly lit to ensure the efficient and safe work of your employees.
    • Put up Barriers: on your build site, always include crash cushions, sand bags, concrete barriers, water barriers, and other methods of protecting your workers from oncoming vehicles.
    • Proper training: a few primary causes of construction worker related injury or fatality are employer related: improper training, inexperienced workers, lack of safety instructions & poorly constructed platforms, such as scaffolds or ladders, are all correlated to employer negligence and could end up costing you much more money than you realize.


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