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How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents in Los Angeles

As any avid bicycler knows, riding the streets of the greater Los Angeles area has its dangerous side. It doesn’t take a person much time to realize that Los Angeles is one of the most challenging cities in the world to travel by bicycle. And, even if you are an experienced rider, there’s no way to control the decisions drivers make.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

One of the more common causes of bicycle accidents is called the “right hook.” This is when a vehicle making a right turn at an intersection cuts off or hits a cyclist who is either traveling straight or also turning right.

The right hook is caused mostly by a driver who misjudges the speed of a cyclist approaching from the right and thinks they can make the turn before they the bicycle reaches the intersection. Conversely, there are times a cyclist can misjudge their own speed and distance and run into a car making a right turn. It’s also possible a right hook can happen when the cyclist falls into the driver’s blind spot.

Non-aggressive way to avoid biking accidents.

If you’re a cyclist, one important way to avoid a right hook situation is that when you notice that a car is slowing down, make eye contact with the driver to establish that they know you’re there. It’s a non-aggressive way to prevent a dangerous accident. If you see that the driver is unaware of you and making the turn, make an emergency turn in the direction of the car and apply your brakes.

It will take a while, but once you’ve ridden the streets of Los Angeles, you’ll pick up on more driver tendencies. And if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a bicycle accident, call us at The Law Offices of Josef Avesar immediately so our personal injury lawyers can assist you with your case. We can offer the legal help you need. And please, wear a helmet at all times.