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“When the dog initially attacked me, I was in a state of panic and shock. I didn’t know what to do. After a few nights in the emergency room, my husband took it upon himself to call a lawyer. Thank GOD that he called Josef Avesar. Josef successfully defended me from the dog owner’s lawyer, who attempted to make claims that the dog was chained and that I baited it for a lawsuit. Initially the insurance company wanted to settle for $100,000, but thanks to Josef’s expert work as an attorney, I ended up walking away from the court with over $800,000—now I don’t have to worry about expensive medical bills or out-of-pocket legal fees. Thank you so much Josef!”

Greta, Dog Attack Victim


“Lawyers have a notoriously bad reputation, but Avesar really restored my faith in the profession. As a motorcycle enthusiast, my mother always told me that someday I’d get in a terrible accident. She was right. Luckily, I was wearing my helmet, and I hired Josef Avesar as my attorney against the car that struck me from behind while I was driving. Despite the offender throwing everything he could at me to avoid paying, I ended up leaving the courtroom with over $400,000. I couldn’t have done it without Josef.”

Dan, Motorcycle Accident Victim


“I can’t explain how devastated I was after my father died in a car accident. He was rear-ended by a drunk driver, and his car ended up crushed in between a truck and the perpetrator’s car. His death rendered me completely unable to deal with the real-life responsibilities that come with handling a death, such as funeral expenses, legal fees, etc., but Josef Avesar, a longtime family friend and attorney, came to the rescue. He valiantly battled the courts and my father’s killer to reimburse myself and my family for our mutual suffering and loss of someone who we miss so dearly. No amount of money could bring my dad back, but the $1,500,000 settlement certainly helped put a pillow under the stress of planning funerals and fighting a legal battle.”

Cindi, Wrongful Death Victim


“I know it’s unusual to ride a bicycle everywhere in Los Angeles, but that’s just what I do. For the first time in 15 years of being an avid bike rider, my bicycle was struck by a moving vehicle, knocking me off the road and putting me into a concussive coma for nearly a week. During my time under, my wife got into contact with the lovely folks over at the Law Offices of Josef Avesar and successfully took my attacker & his insurance company to court. Despite the fact that I was in a vegetative state, they used this as evidence for the lawsuit, and ended up bringing home over $800,000 in reimbursement costs. Josef Avesar really knows his stuff!”

Craig, Bicycle Accident Victim


“I’ve been working in the construction industry for over 20 years and I’ve never had to deal with an injury or accident out of the ordinary. After a very tragic sawblade accident, leaving part of my right arm and hand permanently disfigured, I had no idea how I was going to pay off the medical fees. Thanks to Josef Avesar, we took my ex-employer to court and successfully settled for nearly $750,000. Now I don’t have to worry about my medication expenses, and physical therapy just became that much cheaper. I owe my health and well-being all to Josef Avesar.”

Jim, Construction Accident Victim


“There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t give thanks to Josef Avesar for all he’s done for me. Before my car accident, I used to be a marathon runner; now, I can only get around in a wheelchair, and am forced to take the bus. Luckily, I used Josef Avesar in my legal battle and he ended up securing me much more than the offender’s insurance company wanted to settle for: they offered $75,000, he got me over $450,000. Now I can afford physical therapy, medication, and hopefully will be able to run again someday. Wishful thinking, all thanks to the incredibly professional legal expertise from the Law Offices of Josef Avesar.”

Jessica, Car Accident Victim


“It was definitely a day to remember, my first time being rear ended and the first time I was ever involved in a hit and run. The other driver wacked me from behind, and then ran off. Luckily, I have really photographic memory and I had her license place written down immediately. The police officers showed up and created the police report, and I called my insurance company and began that process as well. There were three of us in that car, none seriously damaged, but all of us experiencing some heavy whiplash. The day after the accident we went to the doctor just to be checked out for safety’s sake, and it seems that’s when the real trouble began.

The insurance companies were fighting back and forth over who was responsible and who should pay. My health insurance of course didn’t want to pay, but my auto insurance was looking for a police report so they could have the other parties insurance cover the costs when they were found. Really, it was just a huge mess and I was incredible overwhelmed and angry. This is especially true because my passenger was my boyfriend’s mom. I decided to ask an attorney for help and reached out to the Law Offices of Josef Avesar.

What a relief it was as well. They got everyone working off of a lien until the case was closed and both I and my passengers got the medical attention we needed. They also got all my car costs compiled and went after the other parties insurance to cover all the costs we needed. It was a relief to know my insurance wasn’t going to go up from a claim that wasn’t my fault, and that I wouldn’t have to work with a woman who was willing to run from the scene of an accident.”

Sharon, Car accident Victim, Los Angeles