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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death or unjust suicide? If a person you know or a loved one is dead due to the improper conduct of another person or persons, the deceased’s beneficiaries may be eligible to file for a wrongful death claim against the person(s) responsible for the death. If you know someone who has passed away due to someone else’s negligence, call the Law Offices of Josef Avesar immediately at 800-WEDOLAW for your free legal assessment or consultation.

Since 1982, the Law Offices of Josef Avesar has been offering it’s professional legal expertise and personal injury attorney services to residents all across Los Angeles, Van Nuys, West Hollywood, North Hollywood & Tarzana. Specializing in wrongful death statuses and cases, Josef Avesar will utilize aggressive legal practices, learned only from his many years of experience in the field as a wrongful death attorney and personal injury attorney, to help earn you the compensation you deserve for your suffering and loss. We know exactly what loopholes and excuses insurance companies can use on behalf of the offender, just to avoid recompense or to make things more difficult for the victim’s loved ones—and more importantly, we know just how to combat, deflect and redirect them. Our time in the legal system allows us to work with clients on a one-on-one level, personally tending to the grieving, bereaved or injured with the thorough care and legal expertise that only comes from an established law firm such as the Law Offices of Josef Avesar.


Wrongful Death Statistics

Based on statistics from the National Safety Council, every five minutes, someone in America dies due to the improper conduct or negligence of another person. On average, it is estimated that over ~100,000 people die each year due to the unjust actions of another.

In the densely packed urban sprawl of Los Angeles, the biggest county in the United States, home to over 11,000,000 residents, it’s not hard to imagine the vast instances of death or harm that could befall an individual based on the sheer amount of human life in the Los Angeles area alone. This makes finding a wrongful death lawyer an undeniable necessity somewhere down the road; and you might as well start with the best. Don’t let these statistics effect you! Invest in a wrongful death legal advisor or wrongful death attorney today.


Wrongful Death Financial Compensation

When one of your loved ones passes in a wrongful death situation, the victim’s family is usually the one entitled to the recovery costs. These are considered the compensation or financial equivalent of a loss of affection, love, or financial support from the deceased’s estate, including any out of pocket expenses, funeral charges, college payments for children, car payments, house payments, as well as any emotional support.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring back any of your loved ones. It is, however, possible to help you get through the pain of loss without incurring all of the financial responsibility associated with the death of a loved one. Trust in a professional to secure your financial well-being in your time of grief and sorrow, and guarantee that the perpetrator is dealt the guilt and justice they deserve for their wrongdoing.

The courts have a survivor priority that specifically deals with wrongful deaths: parents, siblings, step kids, and on rare occasions grandparents can all qualify as survivors and potentially receive reimbursement for their loss. If the survivor is a minor, funds are usually held in a trust until an appropriate age is reached.

Although no amount of money could ever bring your loved ones back from the grave or even truly “compensate” for your loss, losing a loved one can be stressful in more ways than just emotionally. Potential funeral bills, medical expenses, and out of pocket costs can really weigh down on an individual, especially if you have kids or need to appear strong to those around you. During these times of hardship, it’s important to have someone who can represent you that sympathizes with your situation and is there to help you through this sensitive time of your life.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hire a wrongful death attorney to compensate for your tragic loss today.